Main part in article and literature review

Main part in article and literature review

Sometimes, you can ask yourself, what part of article are most important  and which needed to most attention from yourself, It’s a hard question, because every part of article ended a many attentions if you want to make their a really good, without typical mistaking in sees, when you are starting writing you r project, you can always to manage with your study plan and trying to fist make a good introduction, then you make main part and final write a conclusion and make essay on stereotypes. But this methodology can’t be a preface, because the main part of article it’s an article body with your research information, which divides into the chapters with the personal names and can be called as good as you can describe you retract, so if you want to make your auricle really interesting, best way to start it’s a making \a short sketch about what’ your main idea, with what problems you are confirm and how you want to solve them.

When you do it, the best way to see, how your article can be showed in the final part, It’s began to start an article body. In article body you need to put the most actual data and different static information, if you good manage with forms, functions or others theoretic mathematic methods you can use them for the wide your problems in the best way, as you can.

So when your article starting, just try to make your research in the best way as you can for example, you can try do it in the way, how you are thinking, don’t try to did your body article after few sentences, be better if you make a proofreading, when you finish ten or twelve pages in the body article. In another words, make firstly one or two chapters of your article, then you can to do the proofreading, if you feel that is hard for you. You can have sent your article to someone for correct maybe you a have a good friend, which can a read your article and said what mistake you do or what you can change to improve your writing skills, so only that you need it’s a reader, who can give you a feedback about your work. Don’t afraid if this will be a negative feedback, and don’t be so happy, if somebody said that your article it a really fantastic, everyone has a personal taste, so if someone find that your article is a really good, another people can staid that your writing is wrong.

Very important to have a good computer for your research project, because you need a lot of programs for doing your study project. For example, sometimes you will be needed intone calculating forms or making special graphics. If you have troubles with your home techniques, you can go the university library, where is a lot of workplaces and you can feel free to use and make your research the best as you can.

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